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Golden Retriever

Pet Tooth Extraction

The most common oral surgical procedure performed on pet’s teeth is surgical extraction (similar to wisdom tooth extraction in humans). Tooth defects, injury, tumors, cysts, cancer and periodontal infection can necessitate surgical extraction of teeth in a dog or cat.

In some cases, a pet may benefit from partial extraction (hemi-section). In these cases, teeth that have multiple roots can have part of the tooth removed (hemi-section) in order to preserve partial function. To prevent infection of the remaining tooth, root canal therapy is required.

Dental (dentigerous) cysts may require oral surgery to remove affected teeth, excise cysts and close the wound with a gingival flap procedure.

At Texas Veterinary Dental Center, your pet will receive a thorough evaluation including veterinary radiographs to determine whether extraction is necessary. In some cases, a dog or cat may be a candidate for a root canal, allowing them to retain the tooth.